jazz funk fusion afficianado

fuck face upstairs is learning the bass. learning to play it while wrestling(?) with his drunk buddies. and while yelling. or while they yell. when one of them gets thrown out of the ring they've clearly set up in the living room, i assume. i tolerate this because i am often loud. play music a lot--through two sets of speakers (gus, my roommate and i recently put up a second pair in the kitchen. it's been the greatest boon to kitchen tidy-up time i've ever known). and we have late, late parties infrequently and play our guitars and sing, too, etc. but 2nd floor dude is not learning fast enough for my liking and the floors are thin and that is why i'm blogging and not napping. yes, good for you, you're playing pink floyd's money again! i am familiar. oh, whoops, try again, right. good christ... it smells faintly like sewage in my room. i think the buildings pipes are backing up again. i smelt this smell before the last time it happened. halloween night when we were having a party and the girl from the basement came up ready to have a nervous breakdown because every time one of our guests flushed the shitter shit and pissed bubbled and burped out of her tub and toilet and all over her floor. anyway i spent five days unable to flush or shower (washed with baby wipes) or clean a dish after that so i'm concerned at what i'm catching a wiff of now. luckily the city has yet to fill in the 20 foot deep hole they dug in the front yard last week so if shits plugged again they can pull out the bulk of syringes (yes, apparently a mass of needles was the cause of the all hallow's eve damming) more speedily this time. but why the fine toronto city workman have yet to remove their makeshift plank board hole cover--complete with cones--and put the massive mound of dirt that's on the driveway (where i'd like to properly park gus's beautiful 1992 buick regal when i'm done borrowing it) back in it's rightful place is another unknown. my super, god bless his soul, has his hands in the shrug position and is little help. so i'm going to put a record on to drown out the low end coming through the ceiling. and i'll light some incense while i'm at it. problems all solved