We have a blog, motherfuckers

A first blog post is always going to be somewhat awkward, and I suspect that this one won't be an exception. If you've come across this site and you aren't one of the assholes in this band, uh... hi. Welcome to our blog. I'm not sure how well this little experiment is going to work, but it sure as fuck ought to be better than Myspace-- which, if it wasn't for hosting songs, would be fucking useless-- or Facebook-- which just isn't really right for bands.

So, yeah. We've got a blog. This gives us way more control over how we present ourselves-- and it's a fuckload easier to customize than Myspace. For example, if I want, I can throw in a YouTube clip of a scene from Bloodsport set to music from a Mentos commercial.


So, I assume that if we don't get lazy and stop using this, we'll post pictures from shows, our music, and links to various random internet shit that we find. (No, Noel, Cake Farts probably isn't a good idea.) And fuck... we'll mention our upcoming shows-- like the one at the Silver Dollar on Saturday (Oct 11) that's listed at the top of the page-- and thank people for coming to and helping with our shows, like the one we just did at Club Lambi in Montreal for the Pop Montreal festival-- which was the product of a shitload of hard work by Clint and Dan Burke, among many others. And holy fuck, we can even do shit like link to the Pop Montreal website and shit. Fuck. Shit. Yeah...

So there you go. A blog. A much better way to communicate, no?

- Stoeten