Pause For Semi-Seriousness

I sort of hate to post political shit around here, but Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic has been so thoroughly nailing his coverage of the US election, and sums up perfectly here how off the rails McCain's campaign has gone (strategically, that is, without even touching the race-baiting, hyper-lying insanity), while managing to toss in the word clusterfuck, so I couldn't resist...

The McCain-Palin Conflict:
I think it's now fair to say it's a war. My view is that after the McCain peeps had made that crazy decision [to choose Palin] and realized after the fact what they had on their hands, they put their best face on it. They knew that the normal rules for a veep - a press conference, full media accessibility, airing of all the biographical details - would have required the candidate to quit before November. So they tried to shield her from actual democracy - a dangerous decision for the rest of us, but a rational, cynical decision for a campaign running a delusional liar as the potential next president of the US. Palin of course, lives in her own little, somewhat nutty, world and now believes her manifest destiny has been thwarted.

It's a massive, unmissable clusterfuck and has been for two months. They just can't hide it any longer. And the pick is a devastating one - because it basically destroys John McCain's credibility as a presidential decision-maker. His first major decision as a future president is one of the worst in American political history. That alone should be enough to seal his fate next Tuesday. You need nothing else.